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A new tradition for the College

On Friday 1 November, Ormiston College held the inaugural Generations’ Breakfast, an occasion that is to become a biennial tradition for the school. The Café, in the Centre for Learning and Innovation, was the venue for this very special event.

An early start of 7am did not deter the three groups of people who attended the first ever celebration. Fortunately, the rain clouds kept away from the Plaza allowing the Headmaster, Brett Webster, to greet and welcome the guests prior to inviting them into the Café for a magnificent grazing breakfast.

The first two groups attending the Generations’ Breakfast were: Mothers and Fathers who had transitioned from that of an Ormiston College Student, on to graduation to becoming a member of the OC Alumni, and now, as a Parent, have made the decision to enrol their own child at the College, in order for them to continue in their footsteps.

The second group were dedicated members of Ormiston College Staff who have spent more than 20 years at the College. For them, reuniting with OC Alumni was a wonderful opportunity to catch-up on news and reminisce past times.

The third group were the true motivation behind the creation of our new school tradition, our Second-Generation Students. A very special group of young children who can look forward to retracing the steps of a Parent, whose first choice was to return to Ormiston College for the education of their child.