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Hearts & Hands visit the Redland Hospital

On Tuesday 11 June, our Year 11 Hearts & Hands crew members visited the Redland Hospital to donate knitted blankets and octopuses, made by parents, grandparents and staff members of the OC community.

The knitted blankets will be used to keep premature babies warm, so that all of their energy can be used towards growth, and the octopuses provide comfort to the babies that are unable to have full human contact. Premature babies that have had these octopuses in their cribs have been known to grow healthier and bigger, much faster through the support and comfort that the octopuses offers.

The College would like to thank all community members who provided beautifully knitted items for donation – Students have now seen firsthand how appreciated these items are. We also extend our thanks to Dr Dougie Thomas, Director for Paediatrics, for his support of this very worthy cause.

If further community members would like to be involved with this cause, please contact our Hearts & Hands Teacher Leader, Samantha Wong on 3821 8999 for further information.

Samantha Wong
Hearts & Hands Teacher Leader