Year 11 Leadership Seminar, 2020 | Ormiston College

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Year 11 Leadership Seminar, 2020

Year 11 camp as we know it may have been cancelled this year, but our energetic keynote speaker was still on board to share his messages with our students. Graham Hyman’s presentation last week challenged next year’s seniors to reflect on who they are, who they want to be and how they might achieve their goals - and they did just that.

During his session, Graham emphasised the need for our cohort to develop their ability to work together as a team, recognising that every student has a contribution to make and thereby embracing their diversity as a strength to increase the cohort’s effectiveness as leaders of the Ormiston College student community. One of his key messages was to actively contribute, resisting the urge to “be a drone”.

Our future leaders certainly took this on board, and spent time exploring the key concepts of:

  • The importance of relationship to happiness
  • How to master time management, self-belief and making sacrifices
  • How leadership can be fostered, and what drives successful leaders

They also partook in bonding games that brought them closer together as a team.

The feedback from the day was resoundingly positive, with students expressing key takeaways such as:

“To take the time to sort out your priorities and goals in life now to ensure a better future.”

“That life is based around healthy relationships.”

“To achieve your greatest potential, you must be yourself.”

“The importance of time management to set yourself up early in life.”

Of course, it was Graham’s engaging delivery that created such a memorable day, and the students' feedback reflected that.

“He told us that leaders need to work together to be more successful, so teamwork is a strong quality to develop.”

“I thought Mr Hyman was a great speaker because he actually engaged with us.... He knew what we found entertaining and played into it and the activities at the end were really fun.”

“The information covered will help me to prepare to be a leader because the speaker gave some very good tips on how to be successful.”

We look forward to see our Year 11s thrive as College leaders in 2021.