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Year 2 Excursion to Ormiston House


On Tuesday 5 March, Year 2 students travelled to Ormiston House, one of the first houses in the area, as part of their Local Area studies. The history of our area is quite fascinating. We have a number of Year 2 students living in Ormiston and to their amazement, they now know that they are living on what used to be Captain Louis Hope’s land. He is touted as the founder of the Queensland Sugar Industry since he produced sugar in commercial quantities for export.

The house was full of treasures. Although authentic to the era, the majority of the house contents were not originally owned by the Hope family. They took most of their possessions with them when they returned to England. There was however one special object of historical interest, “White Stockings” the Rocking Horse. It remained in Australia and was passed around a few families before he found his way back to Ormiston House.

Overall, the behaviour and curiosity of this group of Year 2 students was outstanding. Many thanks must go to the parent helpers that were with us for the day.

Catherine Herzig